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Start a Carmel Corn Business

New Caramel Corn business startup

steps to starting your own caramel corn shop

caramel corn business A good way to get started in the caramel corn business is to study the current Caramel Corn market. Get the names of retailers (local or out of town) who have a Caramel Corn brochure they mail to inquirers / purchasers of gift pack cans of flavored popcorn. The internet is a great way to research this. Send each company a request for their latest brochure and price list. Use these as idea generators for developing your own brochures and promotional materials. Remember to keep everything simple, and easy to understand.

There are three main ways to sell Caramel Corn:

  1. Over-the-counter sales — popcorn in bags, boxes, cans, glassware, etc.
  2. Gift Pack Sales shipped by United Parcel Service — cans — big bags — etc.
  3. "Wholesale" Sales of Cans, or "case goods" of "Super Saver" packaged goods.

Decide which of these options will work best for the type of Caramel Corn business you want to have. If your location doesn't get high traffic, consider selling through outlets that do.

Hit the road! It's important to get all possible ideas for your retail sales area. One way is to visit a few successful Caramel Corn shops. Or, check local Yellow Pages under "Popcorn Confections Retail." These observations will help you develop a clear picture of the Caramel Corn / Multi Flavor Popcorn Shop, you want to have. Make notes as you cultivate your own ideas on product presentation, interior décor, display, uniforms for your sales clerks, etc. Take the best ideas and tailor them to your own total theme, keeping in mind your own market place, as well as your basic sales direction.

popcorn As you gather ideas, you obviously must be careful not to do anything illegal such as "borrow" somebody else's copyrighted service marks or possible trademarks. However, it is fine to use existing ideas as a framework, and develop them with your own creative approach.

An excellent way to develop your own custom plan is to arrange a visit to Coleman Concessions Headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. Our experts will work with you in a "Caramel Corn Shop Planning Session," that will include hands-on equipment demonstrations. Contact us to arrange the time that works for you.

Marketing is an important factor to consider in your business start up plan. As mentioned before, brochures and promotional materials from other successful retailers can work well as ideas starters. Consider enlisting a small ad agency or freelance designer to help you develop your promotional material. This is an investment, but one that can net great returns. A good agency may also be able to help you get a lot of free publicity. Select someone who is as enthusiastic as you are. As far as how much to spend on sales promotion and advertising, this varies, depending upon your initial sales volume. Eventually, it may be 5% to 20% of sales. For more on marketing, click on the Marketing Tips link shown on the left, in the FREE Resources area.

portion pack caramel corn mixes Many people wonder if it necessary to have a caramel popcorn recipe to get started. Gold Medal's totally dependable, easy to use Portion Pack mixes and Flavor mixes are really all you need. The end product is uniformly high quality and the consistency is perfect. Since it is so easy to use, all of your personnel can make it. You may want to customize your product with add-ins such as nuts, toffee, raisins, coconut or dried fruit. You can also mix caramel corn with cheese corn, or drizzle it with chocolate to create your own signature blend.

These are just a few considerations for getting into the Caramel Corn business. Gold Medal is happy to provide customized guidance on an individual basis. Please contact us today, to learn more from our experienced sales team.

opportunity examples

caramel corn business
Queen City Popcorn
Cincinnati International Airport

caramel corn shop
Queen City Popcorn
Cincinnati International Airport

Many people have seen franchised caramel corn shops in shopping malls and thought, “If I can get a location like that, I can make a fortune.”  Unfortunately, these locations are not easy to get, and some mall managers have decided that all food operations should be stuck out on a “food oasis” or a “food court.” While it is possible to develop a very loyal clientele for your variety flavors of popcorn, and the most successful caramel corn shops do in fact have a loyal following, it’s a lot nicer to have some “impulse traffic” near the shop, making it very easy for patrons to drop in and make a purchase.  Don’t overlook shopping malls.  If you can get an excellent high traffic spot for a multi flavored popcorn shop, and can get it at a reasonable rent, by all means, do it.  A “kiosk” is even better!

Other people feel that there are certain demographics that must be present for a successful multi flavored popcorn shop.  These criteria are certainly open to criticism – and, cannot be “chiseled in stone” as the only way.  Generally speaking, you want high traffic – slightly “upscale” shoppers. For example, ready and steady access to white collar office workers – with a secondary benefit of later afternoon, evening and weekend traffic.  It’s great to be near two or three other retailers who also will be generating heavy traffic with “upscale” spenders.  Remember, you aren’t selling popcorn at the same price they get at the Little League baseball field concession stand – you almost get theatre prices!  If you have an opportunity to observe other successful multi-flavored popcorn shops, make a note to record the types of customers who seem to be “regulars”.  Basically, you would like a location where you can develop plenty of traffic from 11:30 in the morning to at least 7:30 in the evening on weekdays.

Caramel Corn


Cooker Mixers


corn treat cooker mixer

#2175EL Corn Treat Cooker Mixer Left Hand Dump
Pedestal is 10 1/2" W x 14"D x 30 1/2"H
(27 x 36 x 78cm) to top of kettle. 2840 watts, 230 volt, standard 4 wire North American service. Available for export, standard 3 wire 230 volt 50 hz. Order #2175XER or #2175XEL.

#2175ER Corn Treat Cooker Mixer Right Hand Dump
#2174EL Corn Treat Cooker Mixer Left Hand Dump
, 120 volt plug-in-anywhere version. 20 amp, 1907 watts. Pedestal is 10 1/2"W x 10 1/2"D x 27"H
(27 x 27 x 69cm) to top of cylinder.

#2174ER Corn Treat Cooker Mixer Right Hand Dump
, 120 volt plug-in-anywhere version.
#2424 Caramel Corn Base
Stainless steel, sold separately.



Karamel Baby cooker mixer #2626 Karamel Baby 2 1/2 Cooker Mixer
15 amp, 20 minute cycle time.
#2031CC Caramel Corn Base
This base is a functional, yet attention getting merchandiser. Measures 36" x 20" x 24", including shelf to hold the cooling pan (sold separately).



cooker mixer

#2410E Mark 10 Cooker Mixer
Makes 10 pounds per batch, 40 lbs. per hour of regular caramel corn. Hundreds in use on midways, parks, retail shops, tourist attractions, etc.
#2411E Mark 10 Right Hand Dump, not shown. 5520 Watts.
#2436 Stainless Steel Base, sold separately.
36" W x 24" D x 29" H (91 x 61 x 74 cm) Ship weight 90 lbs.

Twin Pro Plant Table, Cornado Popper and 5lb. Cooker Mixer

plant table, popper, cooker mixer

#2623 Twin Pro Plant Table with 48oz. Cornado Popper and
#2175EL 5lb. Cooker Mixer


Mark 10 Cooker Mixer, Truck and Cooling Pan

cooker mixer, truck, cooling pan

#2410E Mark 10 Cooker Mixer (left hand dump) shown on a
#2629 Truck

#2169 Cooling Pan
Makes 10 pounds per batch, 40 lbs. per hour of regular caramel corn.  Cooling Pan is 30” x 40”. 
(All pieces sold separately)

Cooling Pans

Cooling Pans & Truck

cooling pan for caramel popcorn

#5837 Large Cooling Rack Truck
#5838 Cooling Rack Truck
#2166 Cooling Pans

Corn Treat Mixers make batches faster than they cool, so you need some extra cooling pans. Order at least 3 of these anodized aluminum pans.

The #5838 Cooling Rack Truck holds 3 pans. Rack Truck made of aluminum, with casters. Rack truck and pans sold separately.
29 1/4"W x 29 1/4" D x 32 3/8" H (74 x 74 x 82 cm)

#2166 Regular Cooling Pans
26"W x 26"D x 5"H (66 x 66 x 13 cm)

#2169 Large Cooling Pan
40"W x 30"D x 6"H (100 x 75 x 15 cm), anodized aluminum.

Karamel Kool Regular Stand

Karamel Kool stand


#2169KK Karamel Kool Regular Stand
30” x 40” air cooled pan for 5 or 10 gallon mixers integrated into a rolling base. Features a high efficiency, long life air filter. Cools product in just minutes. Operates on 15 amp plug. Cooling pan included.

Karamel Kool Counter Stand

Karamel Kool counter stand

#2166KK Karamel Kool Counter Stand
This model is designed for counter use. Cooling pan included.



Karamel kING

karamel king #2620 Karamel King with Right Hand Dump shown with
#2622 Karamel King Stand
This 20 lb cooker has electronic temperature control, and a large 23" diameter kettle, with drum seal. Cook twice the corn and see twice the profit!
#2621 Karamel King with Left Hand Dump, not shown.
#2622 Karamel King Stand, shown, sold separately. Dimensions with pan, without machine - 83"L x 45"W x  28"H (211 x 114 x 71cm). One pan included.
#2622KK Karamel Kool Stand, see inset photo, sold separately. This model features a built-in cooling system. Same dimensions as Karamel King Stand listed above. One pan included.
#2162 Karamel King Cooling Pan, one pan included with base, additional sold separately. 30"L x 60"W x 6"H (76 x 152 x 15cm).


caramel corn lobby master

#2276 Caramel Corn Lobby Master
Shown with #2175EL Cooker Mixer, which is sold separately.
Attract the crowds with this Lobby Master, featuring Lexan Sneeze Guard. 73"W x 34"D x 31"H
(183 x 85 x 78cm).


karamel master #2625 Karamel Master
This mobile rolling cabinet creates an attractive merchandising set up. Comes complete with Mark 10 Cooker Mixer and Karamel Kool System.

Karamel Baby Two-in-One

Karamel Baby Two-in-One

#2627 Karamel Baby Two-in-One
Merchandising Wagon comes with #2626 21/2 gallon Caramel Corn Cooker Mixer, built in Karamel Kool system, and a 2552 Pop Maxx Popper.

Mini Three-in-One Lobby Master

Mini Three-in-One Lobby Master

#2618 Mini Three-in-One Lobby Master
Merchandising Wagon comes with #2626 2 ½ gallon Caramel Corn Cooker Mixer and built in Karamel Kool system.  Holds a #2552 Pop Maxx Popper and #2346 Cheese Shop. 
(All pieces sold separately)

Three-in-One Lobby Master

Three-in-One Lobby Master

#2619 Three-in-One Lobby Master
Merchandising Wagon shown with #2175ER 5 gallon Cooker Mixer and includes a built in Karamel Kool system.  It holds a #2552 Pop Maxx Popper and #2346 Cheese Shop. 
(All pieces are sold separately)

Mark 20 Karamel King

Three-in-One Lobby Master

#2620 Mark 20 Karamel King shown on #2622KK Truck
This 20 gallon cooker has electronic temperature control and a large 23” diameter kettle.  The truck is 40” x 60”. 
(All pieces are sold separately)

Supplies & Mixes

Concentrated Caramel Corn Mixes

With these delicious concentrated mixes, you just add sugar, shortening, and water.
caramel corn mix
#2094 Caramel
#2096 Basic
#2090 Chocolate

#2094 Concentrated Caramel Corn Treat Mix
This concentrated Caramel Corn Mix is being used in popcorn businesses worldwide — works great in Corn treat machines.
12, 22 oz. foil pouches per case.

#2096 Basic Corn Treat Mix
When you want to make a flavored candy glaze, use one 22 oz. pouch of Basic, plus 4 cups of white sugar, 8 oz. of water and 4 oz. of white shortening. To this, add 1/4 cup of our Corn treat Flavor Mix available in a variety of flavors.
12, 22 oz. pouches per cs.
#2281 Banana
#2283 Grape
#2284 Watermelon
#2285 Strawberry
#2286 Red Cinnamon
#2288 Orange
#2290 Blue Raspberry
#2293 Toffee
#2294 Green Apple
#2299 Artificial Vanilla
#2300 Pina-Colada
#2305 Lemon
#2307 Red Cherry
#2316 Blueberry

#2090 Concentrated Chocolate Corn Treat Mix
This is the "milk chocolate" improved recipe mix. 12, 22 oz. pouches per case. All concentrated mixes shipping weight 18 lbs. per case.


Complete & One Step Corn Treat Mixes

corn treat mixes
New Corn Treat Mixes have the shortening included. Just add water to produce perfect results with Complete Mixes. Add sugar and water to the One Step Mixes, for a great batch every time.

#2157 Caramel Corn Complete for 2 1/2 lb Mixers
#2273 Basic Corn Complete for 2 1/2 lb Mixers
12, 26 oz. foil pouches per case.
#2142 Caramel Corn One Step for 2 1/2 lb Mixers
#2272 Basic Corn One Step for 2 1/2 lb Mixers
24, 11 oz. foil pouches per case.
#2160 Caramel Corn Complete for 5 lb Mixers
#2278 Basic Corn Complete for 5 lb Mixers
6, 52 oz. foil pouches per case.
#2161 Caramel Corn One Step for 5 lb Mixers
#2277 Basic Corn One Step for 5 lb Mixers
12, 22 oz. foil pouches per case.

Free-N-Easy Candy Corn Separator

candy corn separator
Helps keep your kernels separated once the Caramel Corn cools. It's an absolute necessity for your popcorn business.

#2250 Free-N-Easy
12 one quart bottles per case

#2250QT Free-N-Easy
Single Quart

Containers, Bags & Sealers

Corn Treats Bags

corn treats bags
Cat.# Size Measures (approx) Holds
#2137 CT-2 5" x 9 1/2" (13 x 24 cm) 23/8 oz.
#2138 CT-4 5" x 12 1/2" (13 x 32 cm) 41/2 oz.
#2207 CT-7 6" x 16" (15 x 41 cm) 7 - 8 oz.

Poly bags can be sealed with the Impulse Sealer or Kwik-Lok ties.

Super Saver Bags

super saver bags

For prolonged shelf life.
Use Foot Treadle or Impulse
Sealer to seal.

#2321 Super Saver
5 1/2" x 11" (14 x 27 cm)

#2322 Large Super Saver
5 1/2" x 16" (14 x 40 cm)

Polypropylene Bags

(Heat Sealable)
Keeps corn fresh for up to
5-6 days depending on the
time of the year. Heat seal
with a #2089 Impulse Heat
Cat.# Weight Measures Shape
#2607 2lb. 6 3/4" x 9" (square)
#2608 2lb. 3 1/2" x 2 1/4" x 9 3/4" (flat)
#2609 3lb. 4" x 2 3/4" x 10 3/4" (square)
#2610 4lb. 4 1/2 x 3 1/4" x 13" (flat)

Foot Treadle Sealer

foot treadle sealer
Cello or Super Saver Bags Only

#2462 Foot Treadle Sealer
This 500 Watt Jaw Sealer is ideal for Cello or Super Saver Bags - not for poly. Mounts on counter, treadle actuated by chain.
10" W (25 cm) jaw

Impulse Sealer

impulse sealer
#2089 Impulse Heat Sealer
A real miracle sealer that seals almost any type of sealable bag — Cello, Poly and even exotic items.
8" W (20 cm) jaw

#2171 5-Pack Replacement Elements

Cello Bag Heat Sealer

cello bag heat sealer
Cello or Super Saver Bags Only

#2097 Cello Bag Heat Sealer
A hand held heat sealer for Cello Bags.



Caramel Corn Container


#2135 Small Caramel Corn Container
Holds up to 3½ oz.

#2136 Large Caramel Corn Container

Holds up to 14 oz.


cheese corn

Cheddar Pure gold

Cheddar Pure Gold

#2327 Cheddar Pure Gold
Now you can have gourmet cheese popcorn with Zero Trans Fat! 30 lb. tubs.


Cheddar Classic

cheddar gold

#2392 Cheddar Classic
Extremely easy to work with. A little more expensive than Cheddar Easy. 2 cups of melted #2392 Cheddar Classic over 5 gallons of corn and tumble for great tasting cheese corn. 30 lb. tubs.



cheddar easy machine

#2347 Cheddar Easy Machine
Simply put a 5 gallon measure of freshly popped popcorn in the bowl – turn the motor on and then add about 14 oz. of slightly warmed Cheddar Easy over the corn as the paddle rotates. In about two minutes it’s evenly coated.
115 Watts; 230 V~, 50Hz version available.
Shipping weight 20 lbs.



#2346 Cheese’M “Combo” Mixer/Display
A countertop complete mixer/display case for your popcorn business. Just a 20" x 20" footprint. The #2347 Cheddar Easy Mixer mounts on top of the display. Follow standard cheese corn mixing procedure. Once the corn looks evenly coated, pull the “slide door” to empty the full batch into the display. Close the slide door and repeat the process. Display cabinet is non-electric. Shipped in 2 cartons. Order a #2347 Cheddar Easy mixer plus a #2346 Cheese’M for the complete combo. Priced separately.


People like “flavored” popcorn which is why we ship our Savory Flavors all over the world. Use about 1/3 cup per five gallons of regular popped popcorn. Shake or tumble – the fresher the popcorn, the more powder that sticks.
Savory Flavors
Available in 4 lb. jars or 25 lb. Bag-in-a-Box bulk. Savory Shaker Bottles also available.
#2351 Sour Cream & Chives
#2353 Salt & Vinegar  

(Packed in 11/2" lb. jars or add “MC” for Master Case of 12 jars.)
#2354 Pizza (extra cost)
#2362 Bacon & Cheese (extra cost)
#2366 Cheddar Cheese
#2367 Nacho Cheese
#2378 Creamy Dill (new!)
#2377 Salsa Verde (new!)
#2352 Barbecue
#2372 Hot & Spicy
#2368 Pepper Pop (hot!)
#2374 Hot Jalapeno  (very hot!)
#2383 White Cheddar Cheese  (extra cost)
#2384 Ranch
#2360 Cajun
#2376 Honey Mustard (new!)


frequently asked questions

caramel corn - new popcorn business startup

Should I own one or two Cooker Mixers?
Should I give each gourmet popcorn item a "name"?
How can I add visual excitement to a gourmet popcorn item?
What is the best way to learn everything there is to know about the Caramel Corn SHOP and Gourmet Popcorn BUSINESS concept before making a purchasing decision?
How do I know if my business is the right fit for Caramel Corn?
Is it better to make and pre-package everything ahead of time?
What is the potential profit margin on Caramel Corn Cooker Mixers?

Should I own one or two Cooker Mixers?

Let’s look at the reasons why a potentially busy location should own a minimum of two:

  1. If you are running two cooker / mixers in your caramel corn shop, you theoretically save in labor expense. As long as you sell as much caramel corn as you produce, you’ll save in labor, since one person can operate two popcorn machines.

  2. There will be “seasonal fluctuations”, and no “rental” equipment is available during the October 1 to December 20 super-rush period.  Thus, you will need it to capitalize on the high-season opportunities.  So, get it and have it.

  3. If you have “excess” production, then you will be inclined to get out and find ways to sell / merchandise that extra production.  You will create a wholesale route – both packaged goods and canned goods.  In other words, by having two units, minimum, you will force yourself to build your business faster and capitalize on the opportunities faster – and, do it before somebody else does.

Should I give each gourmet popcorn item a "name"?

In the food and beverage industry, there is almost a universal belief that “if you give it a name, you can promote it better and sell more of it!”  So, now is a good time for you to “let your creativity shine!”  Think of some “wild and crazy” names for each flavor.  In your retail caramel corn shop, you can probably “borrow” whimsical flavor names from a lot of sources.  But be sure to request permission from the source, since names are often protected by copyright.

You may want to consider creating a store theme, coming up with flavor names that are in keeping with this idea.  An added benefit - it is a lot easier to get a publicity release in the local newspaper if you have an interesting and noteworthy establishment.

How can I add visual excitement to a gourmet popcorn item?

Color Pop is a product created by Gold Medal, which began as an extension of our “St. Patrick’s Day” green salt.  During the development of additional “savory” flavors (as opposed to glaze), there is a need to have a slight tint in the corn for better display.  Thus, when making a Sour Cream `N Chives flavor, you may want to use the green Color Pop.  But it’s not a bad idea to also use it when you are making a green glaze such as Spearmint, Green Apple or Lime.

While it is not necessary to use Color Pop, an attractive colorful display with differentiation in color from product to product is “just a little extra finishing touch,” to make your operation heads above the rest!

By using Color Pop and White coconut oil, you get a color of popcorn that is different from Pink Color Pop and Yellow oil.  Experiment so that each “savory” has its own “look”.

What is the best way to learn everything there is to know about the Caramel Corn SHOP and Gourmet Popcorn BUSINESS concept before making a purchasing decision?

Without a doubt, the best way is to make an appointment with a Gold Medal location or dealer near you, so we can roll out the red carpet, and show you what we’re talking about.

You’ll be able to see, first hand, the superior popping performance of Gold Medal poppers and caramel corn equipment.  You will have an opportunity to automatically produce several different batches of various flavors of savory popcorn, as well as a variety of glazed flavors, and of course sample the delicious finished product.

You will also have the opportunity to speak with the experts regarding your specific plans and popcorn business goals.

How do I know if my business is the right fit for Caramel Corn?

You know you will be successful with Caramel Corn if you are already successful with popcorn. Caramel Corn is a good way to sweeten up your business. If you have a high traffic area that is also a good indication you will be successful with Caramel Corn. The aroma from the Caramel Corn will linger throughout your and nearby venues and attract patrons.

Is it better to make and pre-package everything ahead of time?

The ideal solution is to pre-package some caramel corn ahead of time but make sure you are making some on-sight. The aroma of the caramel corn is “the flash that gets the cash”. The sweet smell of Caramel Corn is what will attract people to your stand or store.

What is the potential profit margin on Caramel Corn Cooker Mixers?
  • 2 ½ lb. makes about 160oz. an hour which equals around $100 profit.
  • 5 lbs. makes about 300oz. an hour which equals around $200 profit.
  • 10 lbs. makes about 600oz. an hour which equals around $400 profit.
  • 20 lbs. makes about 1200oz. an hour which equals around $800 profit.